Clarence Johnson

clarence johnson 

Clarence Johnson, the Executive Mayor of the Cape Winelands District Municipality in South Africa began his career in government as a young labourer.

Born in the scenic Western Cape town of Worcester in 1955, he was only 14 years old when he joined the South African Student Organization and Black Consciousness Movement. In 1979 he was arrested and detained for almost a year under the Terrorism Act for promoting the objectives of the ANC, the party he still serves today.

His activist reputation preceded him and work was hard to come by. Even though the system send him a loud and clear message that he will not amount to anything, his determination and believe in himself drove him to qualify as an Engineering Surveyor.

On 1 May 1980, the day when Workers Day is celebrated, he took up his first job at the Department of Water Affairs.

Over the following 28 years Mayor Johnson advanced into various positions that held great responsibility within Water Affairs, the ANC, Cosatu and the South African Government. Since 2001, Johnson is at the mayoral helm of the Cape Winelands District Municipality. As Executive Mayor he acts as the leadership figurehead of a superstructure encompassing five local municipalities, 25 towns, a population of 700,000 people and a area 27,000km2 in size.

As a son of the Cape Winelands soil, Johnson leaves no stone unturned when it comes to promoting the District’s vision of “growing, sharing and innovating together.  In addition to his Mayoral position, Alderman Johnson serves on the National Executive of SALGA (South African Local Government Association) and is the President of the international association, Great Wine Capitals Global Network.