Armin Goering

Armin Goering 

Son of a wine maker in Bischoffingen Germany, Armin started his career in the wine industry in 1975 when he joined ZBWBreisach, the largest wine cooperative in Europe. Responsible for producer relationships and generic marketing of the wine, Göring further developed his passion for the industry. Within 10 years he was appointed to the Board of Directors and was responsible for their production policy and marketing exports.

In 1991, Göring moved to Mainz to become CEO at Rheinhessen cooperative, a role which saw him restructure and merge with another cooperative, Pfalz, within four years. It was shortly thereafter, in 1997, that he was elected to the position of Director for the German Wine Institute.

The German Wine Institute is the official national public relations and marketing institution for Wines of Germany. It is financed by the wine growers, producers and industry and its activities are split in half between both the domestic and export markets.

One of the key negotiations entered into by Göring during the 2006 FIFA world championship was the German Wine Institute’s official contract to supply all the wines for every official FIFA event, in conjunction with the national Football association.